Digital First

Transparency and effectiveness through a digital facilitation

Let’s face it, a successful workplace transformation requires often a crystal clear communication and understanding between a multitude of different stakeholders. A great deal of time is spent in meetings, information sharing is complex, discussions are carried over emails and phone calls and final decisions are made based on the best possible guess basis. 

We believe that all of this can be done differently, more effectively. That’s why we have turned into developing a Digital First approach to workplace transformation.

Digital facilitation is a real time and money saver. While it is important to meet people face to face, it is not the most effective to always book a physical appointment. 

Especially in larger organizations where it is difficult to find the right time for as many people as possible. 


By using a digital platform we make participating in the workplace transformation process not only easy but fun and effective. Right digital tools allow everyone to be heard and help to make the process participative, throughout the project.  


By saving time we are saving costs. We know no one wants endlessly long projects that have workshops after workshops. 

Transparency through Digital First


Using a digital platform also creates transparency in the process as all stakeholders have access to the same information or at least to the information that is relevant to them. Using the same platform for meetings, workshops, as well as webinars, allow us to scale the process when and where required. The discussions can be facilitated from the strategic decision making to employee requirement specifications. 


“Having all the material at hand, in one place and visible, helps us all keep the big picture clear, while addressing the team specific requirements throughout the process” describes service designer Mia Joukas on the benefits for her work. 

Agile Office by George on February 27, 2

Digital facilitation gives us more to work with


Using digital tools makes the process also more visual. We can use rich media content such as pictures, videos, animations, technical documentation but also the platform's interactive abilities to chat, comment, vote and ideate around multiple topics. This allows people with different kinds of abilities and interests to find the approach to the subject best suited for their way of thinking and seeing things.


Gathering the insights in digital format allows us also to use more advanced tools such as artificial intelligence. This brings valuable understanding as we analyze large quantities of qualitative data.


“By digitizing our workplace transformation projects we have been able to even further scale our workplace strategy and design services to have further reach in our client organizations“ 

Claims Antti Pitkänen, Founder,  Insights & Strategy Director. 


We often say that change can’t really be managed — but it can be intelligently facilitated. 

Choose the right platform


The discussions surrounding workplace transformation are often confidential, that’s why security issues are of crucial importance. Having a platform through which we can share, comment and generate new knowledge in a secure, yet accessible environment is a key for the implementation of the tool as the way of working for the teams. 

Since the start of 2019 we have partnered with Howspace, a Finnish platform provider to develop and implement their digital facilitation platform for workplace transformation projects. If you would like to know more about how to harness it in your organization, do not hesitate to contact us.


“ It’s always inspiring to gain new partners that are eager to get the best out of human engagement by utilizing technology. Agile Work’s ability to create workplace concepts combined with their expertise on digital facilitation brings out the best in Howspace. “

- Ulla Luukas, Partnerships Director


Want to know more?

Antti Pitkänen

Chairman of the Board  

Insights and Strategy Director

+358 50 573 4645

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