Digital First

Digital approach to Agile Workplace Transformation

Digital approach to Agile Workplace Transformation



Often when we talk about workplace transformation we talk about physical space, so how does the Digital First approach sit there? Based on our experience, very well.


But what does Digital First really mean? In short, Digital First for us means utilization of the right  digital tools throughout the project as the primary way to involve key stakeholders and users in the co-creation of their future workplace and new ways of working. 

The on-going epidemic has created a disruption but luckily hasn’t paralyzed us. Let us share some thoughts on how to keep serving our customers through the use of virtual facilitation, artificial intelligence and remote collaboration tools.

What are the benefits of our Digital First approach?

We feel that organizations should now, more than every develop their culture to support the digital first approach. We are living in a state of constant change and companies that are better able to adapt to change will thrive also in the future. Those who already have tools to support remote work are better able to respond to unexpected situations.


The Digital First approach brings a lot of benefits and makes the transformation truly agile. These digital tools make it easy and effective to share ideas, interact, collaborate and create new learning in your organization throughout the transformation process.


Our tools enable higher engagement and encourage all stakeholders to contribute, communicate and ensure that getting ready for the change starts from the day one with everyone on board.


Artificial intelligence allows us to efficiently cluster large quantities of qualitative data from the stakeholder input to facilitate the change process and address the real issues in your organization. 


During the workplace transformation organizations have access to a variety of digital tools, making it easier for them to implement those tools into their own organisation.

Change can’t really be managed — but it can be intelligently facilitated.

So, Digital First, it all sounds great but what does it actually mean in a context of workplace transformation? For us, it means utilizing the latest digital tools throughout the project. These tools will allow us to create added value for the customer and for the end users. 

  1. Visual tools to map out the Employee Experience


In order to create great workplaces, we need to understand the needs, dreams and expectations of employees, discover the main pain points in the employee journey and to define which stakeholders influence experience of the workplace. Visual mapping of the employee experience creates a solid foundation for a successful change. Understanding your employee journeys is the first step to creating an impactful workplace strategy and concept, as well as a thriving employee centric culture. 


With the help of visual digital tools, we can design workplace transformation that harnesses the full potential of your organization by addressing the real pain points of your Employee Experience. 


Happy employees have a higher productivity and lead to happier customers.


  1. 2. Experiencing the designs in near-real life


Workplace transformation can be a complex process and our job is to make it as simple as possible. We use Virtual Reality to test use case scenarios, key functionalities as well as the look and feel of the future workplace together with the users. Involving  the users through immersive experiences in virtual reality enables the users to evaluate and influence the possibilities of the future workspace before it’s made into reality. 


Virtual reality for a co-created future.

“Agile Work uses digital tools that engage the users  and create an immersive experience. VR was a pleasant way of doing things.


- Anonymous customer

in a customer experience survey

  1. 3. Virtual facilitation 


Virtual facilitation, this is a real time and money saver. While it is important to meet people face to face, it is not the most effective to always book a physical appointment. Especially in larger organizations where it is difficult to find the right time for as many people as possible.  As we want to encourage all stakeholders to contribute we also need to provide the right tools.


Project communication and concept development made easy and simple. 

So how do you get going?

Due to the Covid-19 situation, we are currently working remotely, but this is no obstacle for workplace transformations. Our Digital First approach allows us to work with you and support you all the way and guide you through the introduction of new digital tools.


So book an appointment, virtual one, and we would love to tell you more about our Digital First - approach and the tools we use. 


Want to hear more about the Digital First approach? 

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