From strategy to implementation, cost-effectively

Our service process is in four stages: define, design, deliver and develop.

We provide agile workplace services from strategy to implementation, cost-effectively and efficiently.  Our digitally driven approach ensures adaptability to changes during the process as well as scalability support development activities of larger organizations.

Our approach is a combination of service design, agile development, and lean processes spiced up with some future thinking to give us a head start in creating workplaces of the future.


What should the future workplace look like?

Many organizations are currently wondering how and where their employees want to work in the future and what they expect from the office of the future.

We help organizations identify this need and define a new work environment.

Exploring and co-creating.

Agile work workplace transformation company

Why us?


The functionality of the workplace is the most important thing for users. Therefore, we do a functional design before interior design.


We produce plans agilely, striving for quick, purposeful experiments. Our work also brings agility to our customers’ everyday activities.


We use tools and templates to make plans easy for everyone to experience, understand and comment.

Cost effectiveness

We design and implement your workplace to fit your budget. With our operating model, we aim to ensure that no unnecessary investments are made.

Digital First approach

Our digitally-driven approach ensures adaptability to changes during the process as well as scalability support development activities of larger organizations.

The Digital First approach brings many benefits and makes the transformation truly agile. These digital tools make it easy and effective to share ideas, interact, collaborate and create new learning in your organization throughout the transformation process.


Digital facilitation to support the definition

By involving management and employees during the process in defining objectives and the co-creation of a new workplace concept creates a strong foundation for the transformation project to succeed.

Digital facilitation enables agile, and inclusive, implementation. Digital facilitation creates interaction between the entire organization. An easy-to-use digital platform change process enables efficient and interactive work throughout the project.


Experience your future workplace - virtually

Perceiving the spaces and understanding the functionalities is difficult through a floor plan alone. This is why we involve the customer in the design using virtual reality.

We first work with users to build a shared vision of the future work environment that will be modeled into a 3D space. In the virtual model, future users of the space have the opportunity to get acquainted with the future work environment together, before starting the workplace transformation.

With the help of the virtual model, the overall picture and common understanding of the solutions of the new workplace is achieved faster.

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Integrated and agile project management

Holistic workplace transformation requires that the methods, processes, and tools are in order. There are often many parties and stakeholders involved in projects whose agility and simultaneous work is a key prerequisite for project success.

Our delivery projects are often a combination of agile adaptation to changing situations and the planning with which projects can be kept on budget and on schedule.

We utilize various information and file management systems and project banks to ensure the timeliness and correctness of design information. The building information models make it possible to coordinate the work of different design areas and to anticipate implementation. This brings cost savings as well as ensuring a smooth implementation.

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Data-driven workplace development

The continuous development of workplaces requires a deep understanding of user needs, operations, and what the facilities are used for.

We use sensor-based solutions that enable real-time monitoring of the work environment, reporting and responding to change situations.

Through our extensive partner network, we offer the right tools for workplace management to ensure a seamless user experience.