What is the Signature Collection?

Signature Collection is our approach to speeding up the interior design process, making it more cost-effective for our customers.

Signature Collection is our solution to ensure quality in interior design projects while accelerating the iteration process. It enables designers to unleash their creativity by removing mundane tasks and increasing transparency.

The Signature Collection is a physical experience that guides our customers to spatialize their brand and identity in an immersive and co-created process.

This tool has been developed by our highly-skilled design team that evaluated current trends and megatrends in design over the past years.


Who is it for? 

Any organization that is looking into enhancing its spatial experience and utilizing brand to improve employees’ work environment, can benefit from this tool.

Real estate developers can ensure scalability and efficiency in delivering high-quality spaces in their large portfolio of assets.

This tool allows us to have a common language with our partners so they can make sure the project needs and deliver their products in time.Most importantly, the end-user can immerse themselves in their future workplace and have an impact on the future of their organization.

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How does it work?

Whether you’re interested in the minimalistic aesthetics of nordic nature or the rustic look of a high-tech spaceship, our tool is designed to help you find your voice and blend the design with your organizational values. We have ready-made curated material boards and immersive virtual reality experiences to help you choose your style.

Our designers can shift their focus on custom tailoring the design exclusively for your organization and hand select the most durable and environment-friendly materials to help you get one step closer to a future-proof workplace.


In customer projects, we work as a multidisciplinary team. Understanding the big picture and developing and experimenting together is important for us.

Ida Broms, Head of Design


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