From Insights to Strategy

Many organizations are currently wondering how and where their employees want to work in the future. We help organizations identify the needs and requirements for the new work environment. 

A study of the current situation and an assessment of future needs requires quantitative and qualitative research. The definition of goals and the development of a new work environment concept create a strong foundation for planning and project goals by involving management and employees during the process.

We provide: 

  • Workshops
  • Surveys
  • Project planning 
  • Employee profiling
  • Needs assessments
  • Workplace strategy


Change ahead - What's your situation?

Preparing for the future

Changes we are facing create new demands and requirements for the workplace.

Organizational change

Changes in an organization’s operations or structure create new types of spatial needs.

New brand & strategy

Facilities should support the company’s new brand identity and strategic direction.

Employee experience

The new space must be designed to meet the needs of the company’s operations and employee experience.

New ways of working

Changes in the ways of work and culture demand for transformation in the workplace.

Faster than market growth

The company’s current facilities to support faster than market growth.

Define the basis for the change

A well-done define phase creates a strong foundation for successful workplace transformation.

The purpose of our service process is to ensure that each step lays the foundation for the next step and enables decisions to be made agilely but surely, guaranteeing an end result that meets the needs and goals of the users and the customer.

In the define phase, our work environment experts map the needs, wishes, and expectations of both management and staff. Digital participation throughout the process ensures adaptability to changes during the process as well as scalability even with a large number of employees.



Future Workplaces that we have created

Urban sense presentation
Real Estate

NCC Urban Sense: a seamless digital user experience of the future real estate

2H1A5089- Edited by GA

Agile Development of the work enviroment and employee experience

Real Estate

Agile workplace transformation for a property development company


Digital facilitation to support the definition

By involving management and employees during the process in defining objectives and the co-creation of a new workplace concept creates a strong foundation for the transformation project to succeed.

Digital facilitation enables agile, and inclusive, implementation. Digital facilitation creates interaction between the entire organization. An easy-to-use digital platform change process enables efficient and interactive work throughout the project.


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