Design Trends 2023: Colors and Materials

Design Trends 2023 Colors and materials

In this article, we discuss the color, material & style trends for the year 2023.

We welcome the year 2023 with a review of the new color and material trends! Some of the trends might have been visible as slight hints in industry trade fairs and other design fields, such as graphic design or fashion, but are now predicted to take a more significant role in interior design.

When working on projects, especially in long-term office space changes, style trends often take a back seat. The focus is on building entities that feel cohesive and consistent with an overall aesthetic. The general idea is to create plans that will last over time and support the brand’s image and values.

However, at the same time, it’s important to follow industry trends and keep up to date. Combinations of interesting colors, patterns, shapes, and materials create unique facilities that support the brand and its vision. By picking up the right trend elements, it’s easy to bring new vibes and energy to the space. The key is finding the right balance between the various elements; we are here to help you with that!

Colors – Dare to be bold 

This year there seems to be a strong consensus on the trend color of 2023. The shade varies on a wide scale depending on whom you turn to but nevertheless, the answer is red. Brave and fearless red promotes optimistic celebration.

Pantone calls their vibrant red “Viva Magenta”, Benjamin Moore chose a more coral red “Raspberry Blush” and Tikkurila released a tender old rose color as their color of the year called “Ruusun hetki” which translates to the moment of a rose.

It will probably not come as a surprise that the green familiar from previous years will continue its winning streak as a complementary color. Being a counter color, this year, green is seen as more muted tones, in addition to the bright greens of real plants.

Other complementary earthy tones create a soothing balance and offer a grounding connection to the natural world.

Dusky mood

The comeback of mid-century modern style has for a while been making its way. If what we saw at Orgatec 2022 is to be believed, it still prevails and is becoming more visible in office designs. The mid-century modern vintage appeal brings back rich, dark colors and durable natural materials that are recognized as signs of quality. They create an inviting aesthetic and atmosphere.

The same trend can also be seen in furniture design. Clean lines, simplicity, and focus on function characterize mid-century modern style, but in addition, there is a new twist for the return of the retro. New colored geometrically shaped objects with a high gloss finish are emerging and popping up here and there. We suggest using these more decorative pieces sparingly as an accent rather than the dominant feature. The key is to find the right balance.

Pro tip!
Adding a vintage piece creates a layered and personal touch to the design, giving the space a nostalgic homage to a particular time period.

Checking in

We have all seen it in the fashion industry, but now it’s making its way into interior design as well. The checkerboard pattern in delicious color combinations is everywhere in decorative items. This classic and versatile design element adds immediate visual interest and character to a space. 

The most daring ones will also use it in surface materials. This might just be the comeback of the black and white checkered floor. Or will the whimsical color combinations find their way also on surfaces with this pattern?

Design trends 2023,

Birch going big: A Trend on the Rise?

Design trends 2023, birch

Quite surprisingly, at last October’s fair in Orgatec 2022, we saw some large birch surfaces with grain patterns distinctive to the material.

This is somewhat at odds with the mid-century modern trend of bringing back darker shades of wood. But then again, we see no reason why the two can’t coexist when properly combined.

It may well be a nano-trend that will slowly gain a foothold towards 2024, but we already approve of it nonetheless and can’t wait to see what the future of this trend will be!


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