Designing for flexibility and collaboration

The work culture constantly evolves, particularly due to the unprecedented digital age and the widespread adoption of remote work. As a result, a new hybrid working model has emerged. The new role of the office is to reinforce these changed ways of working, support flexibility and, above all, bring employees together.

We design work environments that promote collaboration and interaction and serve users’ needs. Our team specializes in interior and concept design, real estate development as well as cross-disciplinary project planning to support our client’s corporate identity.

For us, it is important to design spaces together, involving the client at every stage of the project. We strive for transparency and open communication, considering project constraints and responsibly developing cost-effective solutions.

Ida Broms

Our design drivers

We understand the limitations of the project, choosing the most appropriate and workable solutions while being cost-conscious.

We create flexible spaces and working environments using the latest technology, furniture, and work environment solutions.

We design environments that create the basis for collaboration, interaction, and a sense of belonging.

We choose responsibly produced, environmentally friendly, circular materials and products that will stand the test of time.

We create flexible, versatile, and distinctive working environments that support the key needs and objectives of users and the organization.

We design a working environment that is inclusive of all users and provides versatile, accessible, and usable solutions.



Collaborative design process

Agile work design roadmap

Elo lounge
Real Estate

A new hybrid working concept for Elo


Transforming the headquarters of Airbus Finland

TEK Office by George on April 15, 2021 at 115057

A timeless, flexible and modern work environment for TEK

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