Workplaces to meet the challenges of the future

Organizations are struggling at an ever-increasing pace with changing spatial needs.

The increase in location-independent work, multidisciplinary teams, and project-based work create new demands on workplaces.

Agile, distributed and hybrid workplaces demand a new approach to design them. Is your workplace prepared for future changes?

Our Design services:

  • Functional design
  • Interior architecture
  • Implementation planning
  • Graphic design
  • Service design
  • Technical Design


Workplace design in Agile Work way

The workplace transformation is a large investment and required a lot of consideration. There are many options and making decisions based on drawings feels like a risk.

We help you make design decisions and find workable solutions by involving you in the planning at different stages. We offer a comprehensive design that takes into account not only the facilities but also the technology required by the workplace and the services of an smart office.

We use virtual reality to help you understand the plans. We involve you in considering design solutions and utilize service design methods to comprehensively highlight the needs and desires of your organization.



Future Workplaces that we have created


From a former market hall into a digital living room

2H1A5089- Edited by GA

Agile Development of the work enviroment and employee experience

Real Estate

Agile workplace transformation for a property development company

Experience your future workplace - virtually

Perceiving the spaces and understanding the functionalities is difficult through a floor plan alone. This is why we involve the customer in the design using virtual reality.

We first work with users to build a shared vision of the future work environment that will be modeled into a 3D space. In the virtual model, future users of the space have the opportunity to get acquainted with the future work environment together, before starting the workplace transformation.

With the help of the virtual model, the overall picture and common understanding of the solutions of the new workplace is achieved faster.


Agile Office

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