Meet the team: Sofia Fagerlund

In our Meet the team series we intrerview our team members and ask them to tell a bit about them selves, what drives them, what their dream workplace looks like. So, come and meet our fabulous team!
Hi Sofia, 
Tell us about your background as an interior designer.

I have worked in several small design companies and also in a larger architectural office. My background before switching to workplace design is in residential design and luxury furniture sales. Since changing to workplace design, the mission has been to bring the same coziness from the residential design to workplaces and to create more inviting and homely spaces and thereby breaking down beliefs related to physical office spaces.

What drives you?

Curiosity and the desire to create functional yet aesthetic and inspiring spaces with environmentally and socially sustainable values at the core. I am an advocate for biophilic and sustainable choices, and I hope to use this to create healthier workplaces and promote these values through my work.

What do you get excited about?

Communicating the company’s values through different elements like the hapticity of materials and the right color tones is an intriguing task. I get most excited when I get to create new concepts through materials, shapes, and colors. I’m on a constant lookout for new ideas and inspiration. Different inspiration sources are endless, but especially new product releases and fair events feed my curiosity and inspire me to create new.

What would your dream workplace be like?

 I enjoy working in an inspiring, relaxed, and supportive group with different talents and believe in a holistic approach. As an aesthete, I can’t deny the importance of a beautiful space. On top of the functionality and effectiveness, the space should be inspiring, inviting, cozy, and possibly even a bit experiential.

What do you do to relax?

Knitting is my new zen hobby. Learning new techniques and looking for different color combinations or hunting for the perfect yarn shades keeps it interesting. Gifting or getting to wear the end result is very rewarding. When I don’t have an unfinished knitting project at hand and there is a longer break ahead, I jump into a self-made van conversion and head on a new adventure!

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