Agile Development of the work enviroment and employee experience

Matkahuolto’s head office in Lauttasaari consisted mainly of individual offices located on five floors. All employees had designated workstations and many had their own rooms. The occupancy rates were relatively low and the work environment did not support the company’s renewed strategy and vision.

End of 2018, Matkahuolto made a decision to move its head office from Lauttasaari to the city center. Creating a new workplace provided a good opportunity to start developing the employee experience, building a new work culture and a way of working.

Supporting employees in change by evolving them in the process

One of the key elements of the project was the involvement of employees. A large number of employees had a long history of working at the company and it was very important for the staff to be supported in the change by involving them at different stages of the process.

In support of work environment planning, as well as Matkahuolto’s new strategy and vision, we produced an understanding of employees, their needs, and challenges. The staff was involved and challenged to make the new work environment a functional and inspiring entity. Matkahuolto had not previously involved staff in the creation of the work environment, but now we got to dive in for in-depth interviews and experience workshops.

The project was implemented on a very tight schedule, so understanding from employees played a significant role in the success of the project.

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As a result of the project, Matkahuolto moved to a new facility in the summer of 2019. For Matkahuolto, the change has been part of a larger transformation. With this transformation the collaboration between teams and departments has grown, the communication between management and staff has improved and in all the project has had a positive impact on the brand of Matkahuolto.

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