Reinventing Nokia World at the Executive Experience Center


Located at the Nokia Headquarters in Espoo, Finland, the Nokia Executive Experience Center (EEC) offers a hands-on environment where visitors can experience one-on-one time with Nokia experts, gain knowledge of Nokia products and solutions and explore Nokia’s latest innovations.

At the core of the EEC is Nokia World, an experiential space that serves as an environment to welcome guests, illustrate the future direction of Nokia through interactive demos and immersive experiences.

Creating a truly unique visitor experiences

Nokia EEC asked Agile Work and their collaborating company Noisy Studio to define, design, and deliver an updated spatial experience that would serve as a modular presentation platform that would create for the visitors a 360 experience of Nokia’s various solutions.

The aim of the EEC is to communicate and reinforce the Nokia brand, which is built on exploring the human possibilities on technology and key brand values based on refined simplicity, warmth, and functionality.

The updated Nokia World was to build on the brand experience, support the day-to-day operations of the EEC whilst delivering an elegant solution that would enable a truly unique visitor experience.


Combining emotions and new experiential technologies

The defined concept created a backdrop of a connected universe around the telecommunication solutions that Nokia provides. The designed concept builds on a pleasant unexpected surprise, creating a strong emotional response and an enduring personal emotional connection with the visitor.

The delivered solution was a self-standing, modular system that enables easy maintenance and cleaning and ensures the best possible experience for the visitor, personnel, and the presenting Nokia experts.

Due to the unique nature of the facility, special consideration was given to a number of critical fire safety and structural issues

The spatial solution supports and enables a number of new experiential technologies such as dynamic lighting, projections, interactive touch screens, and immersive AR and VR solutions for future development.


Seamless collaboration across Europe

Overall, the project was delivered on time and within the budget through a European collaboration in which companies from Finland (responsible for defining and developing the concept and project management), Spain (responsible for the technical design and design detailing of the solution), and Poland (responsible for delivering and manufacturing the elements) were involved in ensuring the correct delivery of the project.

Combining the top expertise from each collaborating company created a truly unique visitor experience for Nokia.


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