Meet the team: Katja Mäkinen

Meet the team: Katja
In our Meet the team series, we interview our team members and ask them to tell a bit about themselves, what drives them, and what their dream workplace looks like. So, come and meet our fabulous team!

Hi Katja, How did you get good at what you do?

I have been able to work on design from many different perspectives, from designer to implementer, and anything in-between.  At work, I try to take advantage of my multidisciplinary background by changing my perspective regularly and seeing issues from multiple angles.  

What have you been doing?

I’ve been everywhere, well, not quite, but relatively speaking, to quite a few places and in quite a few roles. I have 20 years of experience in the interior design field in various positions, from importing business – entrepreneurship – interior architect – project manager to workplace specialist.  And the latest one as a service designer.  It’s great that I get to use all of my expertise now with Agile Work and spice it up with digital facilitation.

Why Agile Work?

Agile Work felt like the place to be for many reasons. A people-centered approach to workplace transformations interested me, as well as the diversity of projects. I have been following Agile Work for a while, and I was fascinated by the unique approach to workplace transformation.

I also think that the company’s approach to workplace transformation allows me to truly help other companies and do valuable work. 

What would your dream workplace be like?

I don’t want just a beautiful shell without a soul. The workplace must support well-being and community. Meeting people is essential, and the space needs to be designed to be agile and adaptable. The needs of users must be taken into account when designing the space.

What do you get excited about?

My passionate hobbies are baking and growing veggies in my garden. Especially artisan bread, tomatoes, and chilies are my thing.

My family also has a few beehives near Lahti at my in-law’s farm. That’s quite a hectic business, especially in August during collecting the honey from the bees!

How would you fancy working alongside Katja at Agile Work? We’re constantly looking for new skillful and lovely people to join our team! Leave your application here.