Meet the team: Jenni Bergendahl

Meet the team: Jenni Bergendahl
In our Meet the team series, we interview our team members and ask them to tell a bit about themselves, what drives them, and what their dream workplace looks like. So, come and meet our fabulous team!
Hi Jenni, 
Tell us, how did you end up as our Community Manager?

For the previous 6 years of joining Agile Work, I kept busy working on launching and developing coworking concepts in Helsinki, experiencing the changes in the ways of working firsthand. I’ve had different roles during these years, but people and community building have been very much at the center of it all.

I’m curious about the future of work and new ways of working in general, and at Agile Work I get the opportunity to take care of our fantastic team as well as our partners and customers, all in the context of creating future-proof workplaces.

What do you get excited about?

I’m passionate about creating meaningful workplaces, happy teams and inspiring and functional workspaces. Also, I get excited about good food, Pixar movies and learning new things.

What made you want to join Agile Work?

Last spring I attended a webinar by Agile Work and was convinced that this was the place I wanted to work at. I loved the holistic approach of creating future-proof workplaces and the idea of being a part of a creative multi-talented team.

Here I can use my experience from coworking and also learn more about workplace transformation and service design! So exciting, isn’t it?

What would your dream workplace be like?

Nice people, supportive team, creative and warm atmosphere, fun and functional clubhouse-like office, possibility to work remotely… All in all, pretty basic things make me happy at work. 

What do you do to relax?

I’ve found that drawing and painting relax me. Normally I have a thousand things on my mind, but when I’m drawing I’m only focused on the piece I’m working on. Also, as a busy working mom, I’ve discovered listening to audiobooks and podcasts is a great way of keeping up with the world.

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