Hugs from CEO Esmi

Agile Work has reached the age of a two-year-old toddler and the speed is sometimes quite frantic. We have learned a lot about the needs of our customers, our competitors, about service business and the challenges we are facing. Our can-do mentality, saying yes to many projects and our unusual promise to do it for tomorrow forces us to really think about our production and collaboration network, about scheduling, prices, quality control and about our value proposition. This year is going to be interesting – it’s going to be a time for growth and change.

Our first fiscal year was good – it was profitable, yeah! The surplus we invested in the development of the company and we recruited a new person, Kristina Noor-Ilander from Design Forum Finland. She will be responsible for developing our collaboration network and initiating new development projects. Welcome to the team, Kristina, and bear with us! In February, the co-founder of Agile Work, Antti Pitkänen, moved from Seos Design to focus 100% on Agile Work and developing our define phase services. Tsigidiu, Antti!

New workplace, new arrangements

As the Espoo metro did not get finished, we decided to move Agile Work’s office to Helsinki. Variety is the spice of life, isn’t it! I had already spent 15 years in Otaniemi, Espoo, as a student and working at the Design Factory. Change is always good.

We moved into the old premises of our partner GE Healthcare in Vallila in January. We got to design the 900 m2 space for us and our potential partners. It will be the town’s coolest and most co-creational working space. We will offer it also to other companies. Stay tuned for more news about this later.

There are many interesting startups and growth companies in the same building. The Health Innovation Village and Energy Village offer a home for startups for a price of approx. 100 €/month. The bigger companies, such as Vincit, Innokas Medical, GE Helathcare and Care Fusion have rented their own office in the building.

At times, it is difficult to concentrate on work in the office, as there are so many interesting people sharing their ideas. The heart of the building is the Warrior Coffee House, which serves the best coffee in town – free for everybody working in the building. Interaction and serendipity seems to work both at our office and at the Warrior Coffee.

In addition to my roles at Agile Work, I will continue my part-time job at the Aalto University developing the future concept of the Design Factory. It is worthwhile keeping a close tie to the university and being close to the biggest change in the university’s history, building the new mutual campus.


One of this year’s main targets is to radically grow our network and promote and evaluate all our partners. Therefore, we are constantly looking for new partners from contracting to planning, from product companies to service providers. Whether you are a freelancer or represent a bigger company, be in touch with us, recommend us a service provider or join our network yourself.

We also pay a reward for tips about new projects. So, if you know about interesting projects, be in touch with us. Let’s have a cup of coffee and conquer the world together! And be sure not to miss our office opening party around the 1st of May.

With hugging regards,


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