Gigantti HQ moved to city

Gigantti moved from Vantaa to Helsinki and changed their way of working. The transformation took two years, and Agile Work produced the change from early phase interviews, location scouting, budgeting, evaluations, test fitting, workshops, design management to project management.


The CEO of Gigantti Finland asked Agile Work to evaluate and design the potential of their current workplace in Vantaa and study options for moving the Headquarters elsewhere. Agile Work produced various design variations and cost calculations for the transformation with and Poiat Design.

Biggest challenge in the beginning was the requirement of 40+ parking spots, good public transportation connections and close proximity to a Gigantti store. The request was almost impossible to fulfill, so other options were studied too. What about a central location without any parking space, but walking distance to everything? Internal voting for office with parking space in suburbs or central location with no parking was organized, and the central location won.


Agile Work organized two workshops with the Gigantti staff, to rethink how they want to work in the future. In team rooms, open plan, activity based office with shared desks or in combi office. Previous team rooms were abandoned, and staff wanted to try out more flexible and open team area based working, making it more flexible & open. Now other teams can see, hear and learn from others.

Agile Work asked Poiat Design to collaborate with the Design of the new office space in Sanomatalo. As always, the schedule for the realization was tight. From design to delivery in 3 months. Together with Poiat design & Svenne Saneeraus we delivered the project in time and as budgeted.


Year: 2016-2017

Client: Gigantti

Size: 700 m2

Users: 50

Partners: Konsult, Poiat Design, Senaatin Notariaatti, Svenne Saneeraus, Kinnarps & Modeo



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