GE Healthcare - Health Innovation Village, 3rd Floor.

The Health Innovation Village is a Digital Health ecosystem and co-working space for healthcare startups maintained by GE Healthcare and is located in the heart of Helsinki in the “Silicon” Vallila neighborhood. Agile Work created the first concept of the Village in 2014 in the 2nd floor of GE Healthcare Finland’s office building. Subsequent the rapid growth and increase in startup tenants, the 2nd floor space was not any more sufficient. There was a need for more office space for companies and for communal areas to organize small scale events.


There were four major challenges with the project: The space had not been renovated for some time. Att the time of initiation it was unclear, who the users of the office space would be and where the budget for financing the renovation would come from. Agile Work was asked to define, design and deliver the new Village3 - a co-working environment for growing startup companies, with a need for more personal spaces, but also support spaces for interaction and co-creation. Project time was also challenging - from the first meeting to opening just in 3 months.


The created spatial Village3 concept is a co-working environment that can be used by a number of different types of companies and for different working activities. The space includes some ten team rooms for 2 to 10 people dedicated for the internal work of the companies. The team rooms are equipped with adjustable tables, chairs, modular glass walls and LED lighting and are ready for companies to move in.

For collaboration purposes, the Village3 is is equipped with 4 meeting rooms to support large and small meetings, with spaces for stand-up meetings as well as informal events. To support the social events and community building, the space is equipped with two kitchens, one for coffee making and preparing food and the second for gourmet level cooking. The kitchen, the bar and pool table area serves for different kind of during and after work activities.

In 2018 Village3 hosts 8 companies with 50 users in the total 1200m2.


Year: 2016-2017

Client: GE Healthcare

Size: 1200 m2

Users: 8-10 companies, currently 50 daily users



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Kuortaneenkatu 2 

00510 Helsinki


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