#Myworkday by Kristina

Kristina took part in our #workdaychallenge and and this was her day:

I wake up in the morning prepare myself and my kids to go to school and Kindergarten. After bringing one of my kids to the Kindergarten by car, I come to the office and say hello to the nice ladies at the reception.

After I’ve had a nice cup of coffee downstairs at Warrior Coffee. I come back to our office and sit behind my desk and probably do some individual work. We might have some informal meetings with my colleagues working on a project.

At noon for lunch we might decide to order something into the office or even sometimes prepare something for ourselves because we have a really nice kitchen here at the office.

In the afternoon I might have some project work to do with the customer project, lead interviews or have a workshop.

After the day is over I have tried back home and if I have the time in between taking care of the home and the kids I might still do some work.

Travels are many times those times where you also have like more time for yourself you also have more time to really do like reflective thinking on your work.

I really should do some more exercise during the day and during the weeks and also I should get some more sleep but having two kids it's not always possible.

We have interesting projects going on and sometimes it's really like intensive work, but what I love about the atmosphere at Agile Work is that that we also remember in between those moments have a break to enjoy each other's company have a nice glass of wine and maybe some Spanish ham with that.

That was my workday I don't know how your workday looks like, but I would be really interested to to hear about your workday and what makes you tick.

You can see my entry to the #myworkdaychallenge here:



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