5+ Perfect Picks for Your Summer Reading List

Summer and those long, loungey days that just makes you dream about a hammock with a good book… We so know that feeling and that’s why we put together our summer reading list for you. You might be looking for that nail-biting thriller or a sweet love story but we chose a slightly different approach. Here’s our picks for this summer.

And hey, remember to turn of your social media channels at least for a while - be analogue, not digital!

Surrounded by Idiots by Thomas Erikson

Have you left a meeting in confusion with the feeling that you truly did not understand a single person in the room? If yes, this book is for you. The author Thomas Erikson describes one of the worlds most used methods to sort out the differences in human communication. It is a method coming from the famous DISA profiles, that use a color scheme of red, yellow, green and blue as a base to describe different behaviour and personalities. It is written with lots of humour but the downside is that after reading this it's not as easy to think that you're surrounded by idiots (although sometimes you just are…)

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

We all know THAT person. The one, who feels capable of everything. The book focuses on timeless principles of fairness, integrity, honesty, and human dignity - principles that we all could use. As the title implies, the book introduces seven principles towards adapting to change and taking advantages of the opportunities change creates. By adopting these principles you’re one step closer to becoming that person. In August 2011 Time listed 7 Habits as one of "The 25 Most Influential Business Management Books".

Don’t Read This Book: Time Management for Creative People by Donald Roos (2016)

Feeling that you have too much to do and there is not enough time to do anything properly? You start something, then you start with something else, but never get things done effectively. You have a “to do” list that’s one A4 long… Don’t read this book is at the same time a very practical and highly amusing guide on how to organise your work, manage your routines and prioritize what to do and what not to do in your hectic daily life. As the author is a graphic designer by education the book has great illustrations and it is clearly written so that the book is easy and fast to read. It is a perfect read at the end of your holiday when your thoughts are slowly turning towards work. Creating a “to don’t” list is a good way to start your new life!

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind (2011) and Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow (2015) by Yuval Noah Harari

These two bestsellers about human history and the future are definitely on our reading list for the summer. In Sapiens, Harari argues that humans conquered the world thanks to their ability to imagine the nonexistent: telling stories and convincing others to believe in them, too. Homo Deus, instead, examines the possibilities of the future for humankind and combines details and broad views, as well as various different disciplines, artificial intelligence, gene technology etc. In Harari’s view of the future humanism is replaced by a new dominant religion, dataism, and the Homo Sapiens by the Homo Deus.

Tunnekuvakirja by Camilla Tuominen (2016)

This book is currently only available in Finnish, but we truly hope that it soon will be translated into English. In this book the author Camilla Tuominen tells her story - and the story of many others - through her own magnificent illustrations and distinct storytelling. The book is about having the courage to listen to your emotions, realising your dreams and finding your true self and balance in life. It is also the perfect read for leaders, who want to understand how emotions should be dealt with and lead at the workplace. What is good about this book, is that you can read it from cover to cover, but you can also pick a page here or there and always return to the issues that affect you personally the most.

Bonus book:

Moominpappa at Sea by Tove Jansson

But one needs a change sometimes. We take everything too much for granted, including each other. -Moominpappa

If there is one book that must be read in the hammock, this is it. When you've first read all the books we recommended and grown tremendously as a human being, it’s time to think if there's any point in all this - Moomins will help you in this reflection. Just trust us, read the book.



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