5 mistakes to avoid when designing a workspace


Designing an appealing and functional workspace is important for boosting productivity, and creativity, and keeping employees happy. But watch out for common mistakes that can hinder your efforts. This article explores five key errors to avoid as you create a workspace that best suits your organization.


In a world filled with innovative office designs and trendy layouts, it’s tempting to replicate what seems successful for others. However, falling into this trap can lead to a workspace that doesn’t align with your specific needs.

Creating an effective workspace requires more than adopting a one-size-fits-all approach. The real secret sauce lies in data and your ability to interpret and apply it. Seek feedback from your own workforce. Conduct interviews and surveys to comprehend their needs. Your workspace should be a tailored solution, finely tuned to serve your organization’s distinct requirements.

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DON’T prioritize aesthetics over functionality

Fancy office furniture and trendy decor might look nice, but their appeal fades quickly if they don’t support the tasks and interactions taking place within your workspace.

Thankfully, functionality and aesthetics need not be mutually exclusive. With skilled designers who know how to balance looks and usefulness, your office can be both inviting and efficient.  When you blend style with substance, you can create a workspace that looks good, serves its purpose, and has long-term use.

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DON’T try to do everything yourself

Just as you’re a master in your field, orchestrating a successful workplace transformation demands its own experts. As much as you might be tempted to skip professional advice to save some money, doing so will likely only end up costing you more. Let skilled workplace experts with ample experience take care of the design and project management. This not only saves you time and money but ensures a smoother transformation.

Also, when embarking on a full-scale workplace transformation, remember to get advice on the change management side. It’s no small feat to drive change in an organization; change management is an art form, so don’t neglect it.

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Making a great workspace isn’t a one-time thing. Just like your company grows and changes, your workspace needs to keep up. We’re living in a time when everything is always changing. So, don’t expect your workspace to stay the same forever.

To keep up with your team’s needs, you must keep your finger on the pulse. Ask your team for their thoughts and ideas. Use smart tools to understand what’s happening in your workspace. Try new things, see what works, and keep making it better.

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The right partner will make your workspace journey smoother and more successful. While a workplace transformation involves various aspects, selecting separate partners for different parts can lead to less-than-ideal results. It also means you’ll shoulder more project management responsibilities yourself.

Choosing a partner who can oversee the entire process simplifies things. The right partner will challenge and aid you to tackle the correct issues and help you achieve better results than you expected. They won’t push unnecessary services or designs that don’t align with your organization’s needs.

Our team at Agile Work consists of workplace specialists, service designers, interior architects, project managers, construction consultants, 3D experts, and change management professionals. We have the skills and experience to solve any workspace-related challenges.

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