Project and change management

Implementing change in the workplace requires the ability to plan for the future and anticipate changes that will occur during the project. During the change project, we especially support in terms of change management, communication, and the operational implementation and management of the project.

Our deliver phase services

  • Change management planning and support
  • Implementation control and quality assurance
  • Deployment planning
  • Employee training and support
  • Construction consulting



Agile project delivery with clearly phased services

In the management of workplace transformation projects, it is important to consider the client’s budget and schedules and strive to implement the plans based on the decisions made together. This requires excellent attention to detail, but also the ability to lead the big picture where collaboration between actors is the key to success.

Moving towards ways of working in the future requires clear communication, listening to stakeholders and training to take advantage of the new workplace. This requires timely deployment planning as well as staff coaching as well as training support.


Future Workplaces that we have created

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Agile Development of the work enviroment and employee experience


Workplace concept to support Bluefors’ growth

Real Estate

Agile workplace transformation for a property development company

Integrated and agile project management

Holistic workplace transformation requires that the methods, processes, and tools are in order. There are often many parties and stakeholders involved in projects whose agility and simultaneous work is a key prerequisite for project success.

Our delivery projects are often a combination of agile adaptation to changing situations and the planning with which projects can be kept on budget and on schedule.

We utilize various information and file management systems and project banks to ensure the timeliness and correctness of design information. The building information models make it possible to coordinate the work of different design areas and to anticipate implementation. This brings cost savings as well as ensuring a smooth implementation.

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