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We combine data, human engagement, and a digital approach in order to create competitive workplaces.


We challenge you to think about your workplace in a new way, to streamline your existing spaces, renew your work culture, and help you to reach your full potential.

Real estate

We develop agile real estate concepts and strategies that will improve tenant experience, close rental agreements faster, and maximize return on investment.


We help to develop agile learning environments to support the project and passion-based learning.

Agile work workplace transformation company

NEW! Innovative FLUX concept for the real estate sector

Agile Work has launched a new service model, FLUX by Agile Work

The FLUX model is designed to meet the real estate industry’s ever-changing needs and requirements. It streamlines real estate development, leasing, and planning with an innovative and customer-centric approach.

The FLUX concept has already been successfully tested with several real estate operators. Well-known operators such as Areim, LähiTapiola Property Management, and Colliers have found FLUX’s solutions valuable in developing their properties.

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Some of our clients


Transforming the headquarters of Airbus Finland


Reinventing Nokia World at the Executive Experience Center


Workplace concept to support Bluefors’ growth

What we do

We help our clients adapt and remain ahead

Above all, we are a workplace transformation company.

We’re specialized in co-creating agile workplaces and real estate concepts.

Our user-centric way of working helps organizations reach their full potential and make the most of the change they’re going through.

We believe in an agile digital-first approach combined with human engagement.

What’s your biggest problem when it comes to your workplace?  Let’s solve it together.

Agile work workplace transformation company

Humane, people-centered visionary work for better workplaces

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