Continuous development and measurement of the workplace

Effective utilization of workplaces requires continuous development and optimization to support the organization’s operating methods and better employee experience. An agile, flexible, and smart work environment enables a safe and efficient workplace that transforms the needs of your organization.

We use industry-leading solutions and methods to measure and increase your organization’s productivity, improve employee well-being, and reduce space costs and environmental impact.

Your work environment is part of your organization’s interface that supports the individual needs of users and the digital experience of the entire work community.

Our development services: 

  • Usability evaluations
  • Data collection and reporting
  • Proposals for further actions
  • Organizational surveys, interviews, and observation
  • Measuring change



Future-Proof Workplaces

The process of continuously developing and measuring the work environment creates flexible, secure and sustainable work environment solutions that enable agile organizations to succeed in an ever-changing world.

We provide tools and expertise for the development of work environments that ensure that the management of personnel and premises is based on researched and real-time information. Managing the work environment with knowledge helps to anticipate changing needs and respond quickly to unexpected situations.

For users, smart, easy-to-use, and flexible work environment solutions improve the user experience and enhance collaboration among the whole organization.


Future workplaces that we have created


Flexible facilities to support growth

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Agile Development of the work enviroment and employee experience


Workplace concept to support Bluefors’ growth

Data-driven workplace development

The continuous development of workplaces requires a deep understanding of user needs, operations, and what the facilities are used for.

We use sensor-based solutions that enable real-time monitoring of the work environment, reporting and responding to change situations.

Through our extensive partner network, we offer the right tools for workplace management to ensure a seamless user experience.


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