Healthier, happier, and more productive workplaces


Reinforcing the sense of belonging – we have been talking about it throughout the autumn. This year has been challenging in many different ways and most of us find ourselves longing for human contact and a little lightness.

Our Xmas celebration has generally been about good food, fine drinks, and some great activities and most of all creating that sense of belonging, creating community, and coming together. Despite the pandemic, we didn’t want to miss out on those great things, so this year we did it remotely.

One of the most important things is to stay healthy, unfortunately working from home does not always support this as we find that there is much room for improvement in work ergonomics. That’s why we started our Xmas celebrations with some much-needed yoga with Saija Tesolin. Joint activity, albeit remotely, is a great way to start the day.

We’ve talked about the importance of eating together in the past, but cooking together takes it to a whole new level. 12 cooks, good ingredients, fine drinks, and Zoom connection, the end result was a lot of laughter and great food.

The most important thing of the day was certainly the laughter and time spent together. We learned to know each other a little better again and we also catch a glimpse of each other’s homes and lives.

And what do we hope for next year? Of course, a pandemic will ease its grip and we get back to our offices again and meet people face to face. And hugging, we miss hugging.

Now, however, we wish you all a Happy Holiday! We will return to work designing future-proof workplaces on January 4, 2021.