Is there place for ‘Hygge’ at workplace?


We can surely all agree that there is no room for Finnish Kalsarikännit in the workplace but what about a Danish hygge? Should we add piece of this Danish attitude at the workplace?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines hygge as “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.”

Feeling of contentment and well-being at work, doesn’t sound like a bad thing. It’s easy to feel these things at home but how could we bring these to workplaces?

Here are five ways to embrace hygge at work:

1. Have a cup of coffee or lunch with your colleagues

Does your workplace have a Community Cafe? It’s a lounge-like workspace place where you can connect and be in the moment. Encounter is an important part of work and a well-designed workplace supports this. Note to self, eating a sandwich while replying to emails and paying bills is not considered the hygge way.

2. Collaborate

The office floor plan should include collaborative spaces as collaboration can improve creativity and speed up innovation. Providing inspiring and comfortable spaces away from traditional workstations encourages more informal collaboration, builds a closer-knit community and can improve productivity.

3. Take advantage of the entire office

If your office is open-concept get up from the desk and take advantage of the entire office. If you have a stack of reports to read, go sit on a comfy couch. If you need to brainstorm with a colleague, meet in a courtyard or at the community cafe.

4. Use music to help you concentrate

Want to take your Hygge to the next level? Build your own relaxin workplaylist. As your brain is constantly trying to process new data, listening to familiar songs or ambient music is best for concentration.

5. Be kind

Kindness and the spreading of joy are indeed Hygge. Social support does help manage stress. Increase smiles around the office and improve employee wellbeing.

Increasing well-being at work is always advisable. You do not have to call it Hygge, but internalizing this Danish well-being may help when creating happier workplaces.

However, sometimes it might also be a good idea to have kalsarikännit with your colleagues.