Agile Work launches FLUX concept for the real estate sector


Agile Work is launching a new service model, FLUX by Agile Work. The FLUX model is designed to meet the real estate industry’s ever-changing needs and requirements. It streamlines real estate development, leasing, and design with an innovative and customer-centric approach.

Service concept to answer the needs of the real estate sector

Flux by Agile Work offers tailored service experiences for various stages of the tenant journey. Our goal is to develop scalable service models and solutions for property owners and developers to accelerate the leasing process and optimize business operations.

With Flux, property owners and developers can create unique and attractive real estate concepts that meet future challenges. The purpose of Flux is to create an internationally scalable service model to reshape the future experience of real estate.

FLUX by Agile Work was born out of the need to create new, flexible solutions for the real estate industry. Solutions that help our clients reshape the future real estate experience and create unique working environments,” says Antti Pitkänen, co-founder of Agile Work.

What does FLUX offer to the real estate market?

The FLUX concept has been successfully tested with several real estate operators, and the feedback has been positive. Well-known players such as Areim, LähiTapiola Property Management, and Colliers have found FLUX’s solutions valuable in developing their properties.

The FLUX concept combines digital platforms and personalized service, offering tenants a unique and hassle-free rental experience. The service includes comprehensive support at all stages of real estate development – from needs assessment and planning to tenant changes and occupancy. The Flux includes current state analysis, 3D visualizations, change management support, and post-occupancy monitoring.

As Soroush Kalatian, Agile Work’s Experience designers well summs it up “with Flux, we’re bringing more than a decade of experience in Commercial Real Estate to streamline the leasing process and enhance tenant experience”.

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