Renovate or relocate?


The pandemic brought about a significant shift in the way we work, resulting in a new hybrid work model where employees work both from the office and remotely. This transformation in the workplace has led many companies to wonder if they need to move to a new office space or renovate their current workspace to suit the needs of their employees.

When considering a workspace transformation, remember that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Each organization has its specific requirements, so solutions regarding workspaces must be tailored to meet those requirements.

Asses the current state: where are we at

The first step to determining what your organization’s workspace transformation should look like is to map out your workspace needs. Generally, this is done through a current state analysis. The analysis usually includes the following:

  • an employee survey to map out the preferences and needs of the employees
  • a general evaluation of the number of employees and the nature of their work 
  • the size and location of the current office as well as it’s layout and technical details
  • an assessment of the required tools and resources employees need at the office and when working remotely
  • an observation tour of existing facilities to gather information on how the spaces are being used
  • and in bigger organizations especially, the strategic goals of the organization are taken into account through interviewing the management

Analyze the results: what’s the best alternative

If the evaluation reveals that the current office space can serve the organization with some adjustments, then refurbishing the workspace may be the best option. Renovating an existing office space can be more cost-effective than moving to a new one. It can also help retain employees by keeping them in a familiar environment. This option also allows the organization to maintain its current address, which can be important for some companies.

On the other hand, if the evaluation shows that the current office space cannot serve the organization’s needs, it may be time to consider moving to a new, more suited space. New office space can be more easily tailored to the organization’s specific needs. New workspaces can also be an opportunity to create a more modern and innovative workplace that can attract new employees and clients. Moving to a new office can also provide a fresh start and help the organization shed any negative perceptions associated with its current location.

It’s a big decision, so get help!

To sum it up, a workspace transformation is an important decision that requires careful consideration. No one solution fits all, and each organization must evaluate its specific needs to determine whether renovating an existing office space or moving to a new one is the best option. Mapping out your organization’s workspace needs is the first step to making an informed decision supporting your organization’s goals and objectives. Data is key, so don’t ignore it.

Luckily help is near, as we at Agile Work specialize in workplace transformation. Contact us, and let’s get started!

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