A timeless, flexible and modern work environment for TEK


In the autumn of 2018, Agile Work set out to implement a project aimed at renewing TEK’s workplace in a member-centric manner and improving the visitor and customer experience. The first step on this project was a pilot, and based on that wider workplace transformation was implemented and the future workplace of TEK was born.

The workplace transformation was also part of wider TEK brand reform. The new workplace had to give the TEK brand a worthy background and space to breathe. The end result was a classic and timeless entity to support TEK’s employee and visitor experience and to strengthen the new brand.

Timeless design and space for collaboration

Particular attention was paid in the design to the choice of materials, which had to be of high quality, durable and timeless. The facility must serve both TEK’s members and employees, without compromise. Shared spaces and the teams ’own home nests form a seamless entity that invites you to meet and collaborate.

The previous pilot provided valuable feedback on the functionality of the facilities and design, and thus staff were involved in the workplace transformation even after the initial define phase. From the beginning, the aim was to create an opportunity to experience the space as concretely as possible, and by utilizing virtual reality, the spaces could be tested even before they were completed.

From the pilot to the final workplace, TEK’s facilities serve all of their stakeholders and are a truly flexible and modern work environment.


“Agile Work took on the challenge and created the workplace we were looking for without compromise. From the define to the design, the level was high and the end result was in line with that.”

Kati Johansson / TEK