Tenant experience design to support leasing and property development

Kalasataman Trooli is a modern office quarter in the Teurastamo area of Helsinki. The block is centrally located, just a few minutes from the metro, offering good transport links and various nearby services. In 2023-2024, Troolia will be renovated to meet modern needs.

LähiTapiola Real Estate Asset Management, which manages the office block, wanted to improve the Trooli tenant experience by testing the Flux by Agile Work service. Flux addresses the needs of the real estate industry by providing innovative solutions to support leasing, development, and ownership.

A differentiating tenant experience

The project’s objective was to cost-effectively develop a differentiated tenant experience and accelerate the leasing process with a straightforward and experiential tool. The property had previously implemented a model space extended to cover a full-floor digital twin. Additionally, we produced 2D example layouts that showcase the office space’s potential.


Interactive space model

During the project, Agile Work delivered several of the Flux services. These included 2D- Testfit layouts, the Trooli Collection, and a 5D Interactive Model. The 2D layouts and floor plans provided practical and visual information about the space’s design and usage. In addition, the 5D Interactive Models provided an interactive and experiential way to showcase the property to potential tenants.

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Optimal use of space

The 2D-floor plans and space program show the functions that can be sized to fit into the space and support the tenant in finding the optimal space solution. These plans provide valuable support for both decision-making and tenant change planning. The plans include, among other things, an initial space plan and number of workstations, space dimensions and overall square footage, zones by function and a clear list of possible space types.


Experiential rental process

The Flux by Agile Work 5D Interactive Model enables rental companies to showcase their offices and properties interactively and experientially. This model can be used during property presentations, meetings, or even on the property’s website. It includes modeling and furnishing the space with tactile materials and lighting, creating a three-dimensional space to move around and modify spatial elements.

As a result of the project, Trooli received a modern and innovative tool to improve the tenant experience. “The Flux service package provided by Agile Work gave us excellent tools to support the development of our rental business. I particularly liked the experiential nature of the model and its ease of use. It allows us to showcase the potential of our premises to potential tenants”, says Karoliina Turppo, Leasing Manager, LähiTapiola Real Estate Asset Management.