Meet the team: Anna-Kaisa Armenti

Meet the team: Anna-Kaisa Armenti
In our Meet the team series we interview our team members and ask them to tell a bit about themselves, what drives them, what their dream workplace looks like. So, come and meet our fabulous team!
Hi Anna-Kaisa, 
Tell us, how did you end up as a Workplace expert and Service designer?

Since childhood, I have been interested in architecture, especially interiors and spaces. I knew I wanted to work in a creative field, but as I am also very analytical, architecture was a good combination of both worlds. I studied interior architecture and soon after graduation, I started working in an architecture company, where I learned about service design and workplace development and so to say, found my calling! Lately, I studied service design to grow my understanding further on participatory design.

What drives you?

I believe that through my work I can create better workplace environments for our clients. We all spend a vast amount of time working and being at the office – so the work environment should be a place where you can get your work done effectively and efficiently while having the possibility to enjoy spending time with your colleagues and taking breaks to breathe and enjoy life.

What do you get excited about?

I get excited when challenged with unorthodox and out-of-the-ordinary spaces! Especially if there is a problem to be solved relating to the layout of spaces or the functionality of a space. I have a background in working with high-security spaces and special use work environments, like laboratories and factories. Finding the right combination of solutions together with the client by using participatory methods is the best thing in my work!

What made you want to join Agile Work?

Agile Work is a forward-looking, deeply participatory, transparent, and future-proof company. We at Agile Work keep developing ourselves and our methods constantly, keeping the tools up-to-date and answering tomorrow’s needs today. I wanted to work here to be part of the team that will transform the industry and definition of a workplace.

What do you do to relax?

By putting on my pointe shoes and grabbing the barre! I love dancing and it always helps me to relax and focus on the moment.

What would your dream workplace be like?

My dream workplace would have all the elements I need to get my work done from interaction to concentration. My work consists of different kinds of interactions: meetings, workshops, and presentations so the workplace should have a variety of different size focus and meeting rooms as well as group workspaces. When I am not working with people, I do enjoy being in my own bubble, working silently hence this should be supported in the work desk area. Then of course there should be all the other little things that create a nice atmosphere: cafe area, greenery, space for relaxing and spending time with coworkers. And I would love to work in a very colorful place!

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